Life and death can be found on the sea. The difference lies in the hands of those who sail it. Sailing and seamanship have a rich history in Fayador. Not only is the Western Sea a busy trade route, but countless rivers and tributaries flow through the valleys of the realm. Knowledge of maneuvering ships and determining seaworthy weather can be important if not invaluable in traveling the length of the land.

Knowledge: Seacraft Skill

This skill is a new subset of the Knowledge skill. It includes such aspects as sea navigation, rigging, nautical combat and weather assessment.

Synergy: If you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Seacraft), you receive a +2 competence bonus to Survival checks made while on or under water.


In addition to general information, Knowledge: Seacraft can also be utilized for a variety of tasks:

10 — Assess the condition and seaworthiness of a vessel.
15 — Ignore movement or attack penalties made on a ship. (Check made once per encounter)
15 — Correctly pilot or navigate a ship on calm water for 24 hours. (Check made only once per 24 hours)
20 — Correctly pilot or navigate a ship on rough water for 24 hours. (As above)
25 — Correctly pilot or navigate a ship during a torrential storm or hurricane for 24 hours (As above)


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