The Elves of Fayador hail from one of two distant, ancestral lands far to the East. Aryvandaar, land of the High Elves and Grey Elves, was the larger of the two. Ilefarn was the smaller, home of the Wood Elves and Fire Elves. Both were overrun by legions of Orcs and black dragons, all under the banner of Gruumsh. The Elves fought valiantly, but eventually had retreat westward – following rumors that the fabled Misty Island, the first Elf land in existence, resided there.

When the Elves arrived in Fayador they found it sparsely inhabited by Humans and Dwarves, with the occasional appearance of a Halfling or Gnome. They established two separate kingdoms, which have grown and prospered since. To date Elves are the most populous race in Fayador, and are involved in every aspect of society from the farmers to the monarchs.

SUBRACES: High Elf, Grey Elf, Aquatic Elf
MONARCH: Lord Aelindor Silverleaf (High Elf) and Lady Meleth (High Elf)

SUBRACES: Wood Elf, Wild Elf, Fire Elf
MONARCH: Lady Ithilhith (Fire Elf)


5,500 BC – Elves establish Hithaerdor, the Misty Island.
5,000 BC – Elves establish Aryvandaar.
4,225 BC – War of the Elves. Moon Elves defeated, High Elves become dominant subrace.
3,200 BC – War of Gruumsh. Corellon Larethian plucks out Gruumsh’s right eye.
3,000 BC – Gruumsh banishes Hithaerdor and the last of the Moon Elves.
2,520 BC – Elves establish Ilefarn.
550 AC – Aryvandaar and Ilefarn are destroyed by Gruumsh. Elves flee to Fayador.
600 AC – Elves formally establish Erhindhel and Lyndhol.
1,250 AC – Lord Aelindor assumes the throne of Erhindhel, following the death of his father.
2,700 AC – Lady Ithilhith leads an uprising against the corrupted Lord Maegdin, becoming Queen.
3,350 AC – Erhindhel Elves, Humans and Dwarves sign the Fayador Alliance. Lynhol Elves decline.
3,750 AC – Lord Maegdin is spotted travelling to the Isle of Gryx, never to be heard from again – leading to his moniker “The Lost King.”
3,877 AC – Lord Aelindor, Lady Meleth and Lady Ithilhith lose their memories on the same night, and their advisers struggle to help them remember.

* BC/AC = Before/After Coronation of Thane Murtoch, Dwarven first king of Fayador.


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