Sky Mounts

A black dragon roars from high in the evening sky, swooping down onto an unsuspecting village while the half-orc on its back laughs maniacally. A human paladin searches the horizon, holding the reigns to his silver-armored griffon as it gracefully soars over a peaceful valley. An elven warrior sprints through a forest away from a horde of deranged goblins. She boldly sheathes her sword and leaps over the edge of a cliff, only to rise once again on the back of a massive golden eagle.

Sky Mounts are far more than mere transportation. They are extensions of their riders, kindred spirits with minds of their own and sometimes even speak. It is said that Sky Mounts share the heartbeat of their riders, and few would refute that fact.

Used among the military and royalty, mages and hermits, Sky Mounts are bound to their riders from an early age. They are friends and compatriots, protectors and aids. Like their riders, Sky Mounts grow stronger with time and experience. Sky Mounts tend to not only reflect their riders in strengths and skills, but their regions of birth as well. A dragon ridden by a Dwarf from the North develops in vastly different ways than a dragon ridden by a Human from the South.


Not all denizens of Fayador are capable of possessing a Sky Mount. As an infant, men and women are brought before priests and priestesses of Obad-hai, the god of nature and animals. Within the ancient and often remote temples, the clergy perform a complex magical ritual that can take up to an hour. After this time of divination and guidance, the priests determine whether or not the child has a soul capable of binding with a Sky Mount. If so, the infant is placed on an altar beside the egg of a dragon, griffon, or eagle – and in some regions, all of the above. If the egg begins hatching, the creature within it is considered soul-bound to the child. If the egg does not hatch, the ritual is performed again every year on the child’s birthday until one does.

Sky Mounts are either brought home with the future rider’s parents or left behind to be raised at the Obad-hai temple, if permitted. Unlike the typical gestation of these magical creatures, Sky Mounts grow to maturity at about the same rate as their riders. Children and young teens often enjoy riding their Sky Mounts, and some must be reminded of their daily chores or spend their time in the skies.

When a Sky Rider grows old and dies, or falls in battle, the heart of the Sky Mount stops as well. Elders and their Mounts often find a place of seclusion to live our their final days, and Mounts mournfully curl up beside their war-slain riders – even in the midst of battle.


As Sky Riders grow stronger, so too do their Mounts. When a your character reaches 1st level, 3rd level, and every odd level thereafter, you may select from one of the advancements below. Most advancements can be selected multiple times. Only those marked with a plus sign (+) cannot. Some advancements have a level requirement, listed under the Level column.

Besides general advancements available to all characters, you can also choose from those listed under the region of your Mount’s birth.


Advancement Level Description
1st dissonant whispers, unseen servant
3rd see invisibility, spiritual weapon
5th speak with dead, spirit guardians
7th banishment, death ward
9th dominate person, raise dead

Sky Mounts

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