Legacy Weapon

weapon (melee)

Asëalaer is a brilliant bastard sword with an intricate ebony handle, and a golden flower engraved on the blade. The blade itself is a highly-reflective steel, and shimmers slightly even in the darkest areas.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Bastard Sword of Orcsbane; Cost 3,570 gp. This weapon does an extra 2d6 damage to creatures of the Humanoid (Orc) subtype.

Omen: The sword darkens and rusts in the hands of those who are not Good-aligned.

Other than a spirit of innocence and good, Asëalaer holds few criteria for use. As with any sword, fighters may make the best use of it – though any with skill may wield it.

Asëalaer Wielder Requirements
Base Attack +4
LG, NG or CG alignment
Proficiency in Martial Weapons or have the Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword) feat


Just over a century ago, a young human maiden ventured into the ruins of Windsong Henge in Vestinia. With no memory and possessing only regal clothing and an intricate sword, she wandered by moonlight into the heart of the monolith. There she witnessed a ritualistic dance of faeries, somehow visible to her though invisible to all others. Curious as to the origin and power of this kindred spirit, they gave her the unique privilege of staying amongst them.

Over the years the woman became a mortal champion for the fey, travelling and defending in their name. The fey named her Sakra, meaning “Seeker.” It is said that Sakra’s sword was instilled with the innocence and magic of the faeries themselves. Sakra herself became a powerful mage, and appeared to some to grow younger over the years. Though she grew more and more reclusive, legend says Sakra was but a child when she was a hundred years old.

Three years ago, Sakra suddenly vanished. The faeries of Windsong searched endlessly, but found only her sword – placed ceremoniously in a hollow tree trunk. About the same time, the rees and flowers throughout the monolith and surrounding forest grew larger and more magnificent than ever. According to the fey, Sakra’s spirit and magic simply flowed back into the monolith and grove she had called home for so long.


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